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This gives me goosebumps!

The cast of Lion King gifted their flight with a little surprise performance.

no matter what i say, you’re coming back aren’t you?

                         i  m a d e  a   p r o m i s e

i:how did you know that wasn’t me?
a: because he didn’t say  l e f t enant.


やってみた(笑)〜 Urara

We tried it out lol 〜 Urara

Hey, wait a minute, what is this?

méme brûlée

Tom Mison in the Sleepy Hollow Gag Reel [x]


the double arch in the chartreuse mountains, french alps.

very inspiring place.

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does anyone else know that feel of being fixated on labels and personality tests and shit because they’re the only things that give you a solid grip on your identity