Themes in A Song of Ice and Fire

so i want to change my url

i was thinking terok-tirith or quenyacosmos or something star trek or lotr-based, since i’m more into those now and they’re more timeless fandoms for me that i don’t really expect to ever leave

anybody have opinions or suggestions? i’m also probably giving this one up, so if you want to swap/trade or just have it once i’m done mayb

this is my second ever url and ive had it for years and i am goddamn tired of it

Lily Collins attends the ‘Love, Rosie’ Red Carpet during the 9th Rome Film Festival on October 19, 2014 in Rome, Italy.




"It’s lovely, Cosette." 

DID SOMEBODY SAY PAPA VALJEAN oh it was just me ok


"It’s lovely, Cosette."

DID SOMEBODY SAY PAPA VALJEAN oh it was just me ok


"Original Song from ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is titled "The Last Goodbye" and is written by Billy Boyd, Walsh, & Boyens" (X)

o    h      n     O


*crashes through your door* GUESS WHO’S BACK *punches a wall* ON YOUR DASH *flips a table* HOMESTUCK’S BACK *slaps you across the face* WE’RE ALL TRASH



au where the roles and expectations of dwarves and elves are reversed


you rang?



i think it’s funny how christianity made a big deal about mary being impregnanted by god and everyone was like “oh my god the son of god! we must worship him listen to his great wisdom.” 

meanwhile, if you said god knocked you up in ancient greece they’d just be like “yeah, me too.”

Okay, I laughed.

  • Me: *scores high on PSAT*
  • School: Good girl
  • Me: Woof

whenever i try and learn something new

  • me: It seems that I am not immediately excellent at this
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: it is because I am a failure
  • me: everything I touch dies


fucking dragon ball z shit in here